Hiring robotics and industrial automation talent is hard

Robotics and Automation pros are mostly introverts that don’t actively search generic job boards or respond to recruiters.

We have created the community for these techies and you can now reach this focused, forward thinking audience

Engineering, Sales, Operations, Executives, Integrators, Software companies, Equipment manufacturers, Distributors, Consultants

☁️ The job board is simple..by design.
Automation techies don’t want fluff or complicated. They want to see a job, and press a button to apply. We make it straightforward for them to get in touch with you.

🤔 Why else would you post your job here?
Great question! First, cause we’re awesome. More importantly though because we do things differently. Here you pay one price and your post stays active for 60 days or until you withdraw it. No long term commitment, no need to “manage” the job postings. Just set it and forget it!

💰 Dang $20 is too cheap so this can’t work!
Well, how much do you pay for your streaming tv service? Probably around this price point huh? Price is relative and since we don’t have bloated overhead we can pull this off and still make enough money to buy lunch.

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1: Click the “Post A Job” button

2: Fill out the job information

3: See the resumes and applications start rolling in


Cats hate robots!

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